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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I need to say THANK YOU to Pappy. Boy have we had our laughs, I can't help but smile when I think of the time we set out to go fishing in old Bessy with your second son.  The weather was perfect, the cooler packed with goodies, old and new fishing tackle, chairs to sit on. Excited for a fun day we piled into  old Bessy  and off we went. We hadn't got far before you ask #2 son for the map, to which he replied "what map?" It was obvious by the look on your face you knew where it was, on the table at home. We'd been pouring over it carefully picking out which lake to spend the day at. Against #2 son suggestion you decided WE didn't need it. I don't remember how many times we went past the same tower,you KNEW the way. Each time we'd go past the tower you'd drive a bit further, take more turns. The look on your face was a picture when you turned the corner and there was the tower, you silently muttered  to yourself  "oh dear"  I couldn't stop myself and burst out laughing when #2 son suggested 
 "It would help if you didn't keep turning right"


We did eventually make it to the lake and had a wonderful time,we didn't catch much that day but that didn't matter, we had fun. As the sun we getting low in the sky we packed up, made our way to the outside toilets. Being the gentleman you let me go first I tried to warn you about the mosquitoes as you desperately rushed in, but my words went unheard. I was trying to shout over the top of the wall you came bursting out with the biggest cloud of mosquitoes chasing you, pulling up your zipper shouting