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Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome |

Welcome |

I met this guy some time past on twitter  very late one night, he was feeling nostalgic and was self critical, as for me it was just another bad night. We got to chatting in direct message (don't bother asking I won't tell you) as the night wore, subjects changed our quirky sense of humour emerged. By the end of the night our moods turned around and I was giggling, we went over cover pictures for an album Fosner he was working. Warning him not to give everything away and offering to help anyway I could we finally said goodnight.

For a short while I was able to promote on   and facebook,
 as an idea for a fan page started forming in my mind I became ill, I am happy to say someone has done a fan page  . I am now back trying to do what I can before it's time to 'go', everyone deserves a chance and Mike certainly does. Visit him, chat with him, follow him and buy his downloads....they're not expensive.


Mike Peralta: Will I Be Okay

This calls to all of us at some point in time, it reaches deep inside us and you can feel it comes from Mikes heart and soul. We've all managed to pull ourselves up but, at times have a need to visit that place again....This will take you there.

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