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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Not Feeling Well



I suddenly realized it's been sometime since I've been in touch, I started to work on a post about my lungs on 5/20/2013 I am afraid I haven't got very far with it yet (I keep falling asleep). I do think about you all, even those of you I don't Know all that well, anyone who's been in touch with me has touched my heart (it's who I am). It will be the same for those who come into my life, even if it's for a very short time.

The update is....COPD is acting up, my lungs are finding it hard to RELAX N TAKE A DEEP BREATH (smell the bloody roses). It's not that bad (bad enough) right now with being out of breath all the time I thought I better see the doctor. I was given a week and half course of prednisone (sigh) life isn't easy till they're out of my system. I already feel ill in general, prednisone makes me feel worse, also I suffer with several types of arrhythmias and yes prednisone makes those worse (sinus tachycardia, VT, SVT, ST and T wave inversion)). Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's my heart causing me to be out of breath, it's harder with the prednisone.

My joints have been aching and each day they get worse (talk about feeling old). Each time I get up, sit or lay down I groan. It doesn't matter if I'm walking or resting my joints constantly throb. I've started to get a swelling that goes down front my collar bone onto my chest on the right side.....Though it's tender the doctor wants to do the 'wait and see' with being on the prednisone.  So we'll wait and see.

swelling right side of chest

I was told I'm looking alot better even though I don't feel it. Maybe she was referring to when she saw me in January, or the butterfly thats back on my face I don't know. When I talked to Andie (1st sister) on skype before I went to the doctor Andie could see I wasn't well....It makes you wonder if the doctors got the face and name right. I'm not going to be mean about the doctor I see, she's young and with a bit more experience will be amazing. I was a bit thrown off by the student she had with her from KCU med school, it was the first time she had one and my mouth couldn't shape the word no. I didn't get to mention the recent skin reaction to ticks bites (had photos ready to show her)

maybe Rocky mountain tick

rocky mountain wood tick 
 torn between that or the 

same day 
3 days later

I also didn't get a chance to talk about the return of the wringing wet night sweats with chills, lymph nodes in other places, the RINGING in my ears has returned (few months without was heaven) plus the tenderness in my ear canals and right eustachian tube. Nor if it was worth fixing the worsening complete (full thickness) bowel prolapse, I deal with almost daily. I guess really it's not worth the expense, not really knowing how much time I have left.

It's now 24hrs since I started this post and I deem it finished....I think?

feel free to click on the make a comment link at the bottom...even to say 'hi' or share any of my posts......Bless you all.

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