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Friday, April 26, 2013




I don't remember ever seeing mommy so happy, nor seeing her laugh so much. It's the type of laugh that rises from deep within, exploding into a contagious, belly shaking tears rolling down the cheeks event. I just wish I knew how to record our skype sessions, the two of you sitting on mommies sofa cutting up on each other, giggling like a pair of kids caught with your hands in the honey pot. I can't put into words how much it's eased my mind knowing you're in her life.

If mommy hadn't dialed a phone number wrong, and her subconscious mind hadn't nudged her memory "'hey, you know that voice" prompting her to call you back, I honestly don't know where or what state she'd be in today. From our emails (greatly appreciated) it's obvious you too, have truly benefited from your paths crossing again due to the chance phone call.

THANK YOU DAVID for making my mommies heart light, for helping her soul sing and her eyes sparkle. Thank you for being there when she needs you, for helping  her through the difficult times involving members of the family. People that have touched my life turned and ran when I needed much less help or question my motives for helping those in need, whether I knew them or not. You're are rare breed David a true gentleman

I also want to say THANK YOU DAVID for being there in the times I needed an older male (father figure). I wish our families hadn't lost touch many years earlier, I so desperately needed an older and wiser male to talk somethings over with. I am truly grateful David, not once have you judged me, questioned my sanity nor saw ulterior motives in anything I say or do. Most importantly you accepted me as the human being I am and make me feel I'm worth your time.

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