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Sunday, April 21, 2013



THANK YOU MOMMY, FIRSTLY for being my mommy, making sure I always had on a clean nappy (diaper). Goodness knows how many of those you swished in the toilet as you pulled the chain, nor how many soaking buckets you emptied each wash cycle (nappies were cloth and toilets had pull chains back then). For making sure I  was fed, my goodness all those bottles you must have washed, sterilized, rinsed then filled over and over again. Mothers today have no idea how easy this part has become, though more expensive and less earth friendly. For doing all that encompassed being a Mommy....
My Mommy

For all the times you've helped me out over the years in so many ways, I appreciate it so much. The times you felt frustrated, listening to my woes as we spoke on the phone, you felt there was nothing you could do to help. You did help, you helped by listening and talking things through with me, even the times I got angry, you did help. We always made sure not put the phone down without being sure neither was angry at the other nor hurt, it's very important considering we're in different countries.

Following day continued....

So here I am again in the wee hours of the morning (next day) with thoughts going round in my head....Mommies work very hard to be the best mommy they can be, combining things she was taught by her mommy with knowledge she gained herself growing up. Mommies manage to 'know', without ever giving up the sacred secret, what we were up to, especially when it was something we shouldn't be doing. Always trying to do what's best for us without being too tough or mean BUT sometimes MOMMIES CAN BE MEAN, oh yes VERY MEAN.....

Like the time (telling on you mommy) My sisters and I were young at the time. We had used a public toilet (bathroom, restroom or powder room) in a department store and as we were waiting for mommy to finish washing her hands we noticed some goodies. There up on the wall were several feminine dispensing machines and with a bathroom full of strange ladies we squealed in delight
We couldn't understand why we were told 'NO' we had asked nicely....MEAN MOMMY. So I said "OH I'LL BUY SOME THEN, THEY'RE ONLY 6 PENCE"
My poor Mom, a young mother was mortified and didn't know how to explain the machines on the wall. The older ladies gave each other knowing looks as mommy said "I'LL TELL YOU LATER WHEN WE'RE ALONE" We were then quickly ushered out by a red faced mommy, our cries of "WHY MOMMY, WHAT'S IN THEM IF IT'S NOT SWEETS?" fading to tears.

updated 5/31/2013

I don't how mommy did it....A Facebook friend Shannon Hughes Dennison  will love this story.

It was a few days before Christmas the three of us Andie, Di and myself were getting excited  and full of anticipation. That day we'd been on a bus ride up the mountain, at times frightening with the vertical drops down the side of the mountain, right next to the road. This was quickly forgotten as we neared the top we noticed holes in the mountain side, struck with awe as we were told santas elves worked in those (swear we heard tap tap tapping and singing ringing from them)

Even the frightening ride down the mountain didn't dampen our spirit that evening as we gathered into the kitchen getting ready for bed, Di a small enough toddler for the sink. Out of the corner my eye I saw something dash behind the little floor heater, hardly able to believe my eyes, a shadow of an elf....AN ELF behind our heater ooohh. Quietly getting everyones attention Mommy said with a straight face "DON'T GET TOO CLOSE YOU'LL SCARE IT" (crafty mommy)

We crept a bit closer and IT MOVED!! Halting our steps and holding our breath we watched as it moved (the shadow) across he back of the heater. After some whispering, as best young ones can between each other, it was decided we got about doing what we were doing and not bother it. Considering Santa had sent it we stayed on our very best behavior, only glancing once in awhile. We said our good nights exhausted from the days adventures.
Then it was GONE.

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